did a


... in fact we did lots of things. We've done so many things that we haven't gotten around to finalising this page yet. And then there's the many other reasons. But hold tight, coming soon.

Reasons why it's not done yet…
the right shade of aqua is really hard to find
work music playlists should suit the mood
we’re never satisfied
Apple needs to rethink the mouse charger thingy
new features in Photoshop beg to be explored
navigating unknown towns by 'gut feeling' is overrated
oh the many possibilities of all those new fonts out there
one Google Ads training does not a master make
Facebook changed the administration links, …again
post lunch, one of us has the attention span of a goldfish
our pencils needed sharpening
one of us couldn't decide what to wear
friends asked us over for drinks
program updates make internet slow
there is so much inspiration, just outside our window
design roughs elicit a lot of conversation
fun ideas turn into full blown projects
we keep changing the layout
the weather was too good to be inside
we got stuck in meetings
sometimes we get so far out of the box, it’s hard to find our way back
one of us doesn't do mornings
our cat has mastered the art of distraction
we have kids
Pinterest has too many pinteresting ideas
brainstorm sessions don’t have fixed time slots
sketching tends to turn into illustrating
there is no such thing as a ‘moment’
we go to bed way too late
we have bottomless in-depth discussions
coffee can make pencil notes vanish
there’s always a new online training
it's safer if we take time to eat

the talent we work for

We feel privileged to work with so many talented and enthusiastic individuals through a diverse range of brands, organisations and companies.

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